Varitemp Drawer – new and flexible refrigeration equipment

The adjustable chill-freeze temperature range of Varitemp Drawer covers -22°C to +4°C

The flexible Varitemp Drawer is one of the commercial refrigeration equipment with increasing demand in catering industry. It maximises the flexibility in daily operation. The operation flow can be changed easily for daytime and night time with the wide range of storage temperature. The adjustable chill-freeze temperature range covers -22°C to +4°C.

In the meanwhile, the special design of cooling system maintains the small footprint for different sizes of kitchen especially the compact kitchen design. It saves the space and creates more possibilities. The flexibility can be doubled-up with the stacking model, which has a total height of 840mm only. It can serve as either an undercounter or a counter unit, as it is fitted with durable and heat resistant worktop as standard.

Same as Williams existing products, NO side ventilation is required, thus the Varitemp Drawer can be positioned against wall or other kitchen equipment.

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