SanitChill - Destroys 99% of known bacteria and viruses in refrigerators

New sanitisation technology in Williams' products

Williams Refrigeration is glad to announce that we integrated a new sanitisation technology – SanitChill in our refrigeration products. The system can run 7x24 hours to keep inside sanitised including the evaporator and storage compartments. It can actively minimise the cross contamination in the chambers and ensures they are in the most hygienic condition.

The core of the SanitChill sanitisation technology is generating highly reactive oxygen species air. When specific wavelength of UV light reacts with oxygen and water, it will create the highly reactive oxygen species air, and then the air catalyses a chain of reactions to break down the structure of contaminants quickly and actively. The highly reactive oxygen species air blows throughout the refrigerator chambers even the corners while using UV light alone cannot reach, it is effective to prevent the growth of mould, slime, mildew and yeast in the chambers and destroying over 99% of known viruses & bacteria with the proven results. 

Refrigeration plays a critical role in keeping food safe. SanitChill by Williams Refrigeration would be the ideal choice of technology for maintaining food safety in a refrigerator.

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The advantages of using SanitChill

  • Deep ultraviolet light generates highly reactive oxygen species air
  • Destroys 99% of known bacteria and viruses
  • Prevents the growth of mould, slime, mildew and yeast
  • Proven to kill Corona-virus in 1s

Check out our SanitChill introduction video in Youtube

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