New Integral Handle - 1 Change 6 Benefits

New Integral Handles 6 Benefits

Door handle is as important as the condensing unit of refrigeration equipment, it is tiny part of a chiller but relates to food safety, occupational safety and even affects the kitchen layout design. Williams also think a good handle should be comfort for different chefs with different body height in every busy moment to raise the effectiveness.


1.      Ergonomic 304 stainless steel handle100px image

Full length integral handle for a non-slip, improved ‘grab’ on the door – a must in a busy kitchen environment. The sleek looking stainless steel handle is also easy to clean with no potential dirt traps, and the 304 stainless steel material will also increase the durability.


2.      Counter width minimise, space maximise

Williams has minimised the width of counters to maximise the kitchen space effective but still maintain the capacity and efficient in refrigeration performance.


3.      Anti-dripping table-top edge design

Special design under table-top edge to prevent the water dripping and minimising the potential of dirt trapped under table top.


4.      Flush bottom hingehinge

The door bottom hinge redesigned to be in flush position, it provides more flexibility in installation even on the plinth.



5.      Side slabs eliminated

Door or drawer panel extended to cover the side slabs to minimise the dirt from entering at front when cleaning, and the door opening is still limited to avoid knocking to the other equipment or wall just by side.


6.      Exterior Design – Clear, simple but stylish

The Integral handle applied also on condensing unit, whole counter handles will be in an alignment, the new and clear exterior design of Williams professional refrigeration equipment will make the kitchen looks like tidier.