Williams New Integral Handle - improved usability, superior performance, and value for money

Williams is glad to introduce you our New Integral Handle for most of the Williams Back-of-House (BOH) products after R&D

Williams Refrigeration 

has redesigned its most popular ranges of products. Previous changes over the years have been led by Williams’ continually improving its products through the use of best available technology, thereby changing components to further improve product performance. But this time around the products are receiving a well-earned makeover!

By listening to our customers we have made some significant improvements to the overall look and design of our products. A major change on the original design has seen our development team incorporating an all new, full length, integral handle.

As well as providing the cabinets with an overall more sophisticated and sleek look created by the flush design,  (no screws / no bolts) the handle provides the user with a non-slip, improved ‘grab’ on the door, a must in a busy kitchen environment. The handle is formed from the same piece of robust 304 grade stainless steel as the door itself, providing an easy-to-clean one piece surface, with no potential dirt traps.

The redesign has enabled Williams to also reduce the width of its refrigerated counters, thereby maximising the kitchen space available while maintaining the capacity and efficiency in refrigeration performance.

The Williams range will continue to feature its energy saving CoolSmart controllers as standard, providing one of the market’s leading energy saving solutions. 


1 Change 6 Benefits

1. Ergonomic 304 stainless steel handle
2. Minimised width for Counters, thereby maximising available kitchen space 
3. Anti-dripping table-top edge design
4. Flush bottom hinge
5. Side slabs eliminated
6. Clear, simple but stylish exterior design


Products affected and NEW model codes

model table


NB: The model codes have changed to include “(J)” suffix for easy recognition of the products with the new handle, and the dimensions have also changed as below: 


-       ALL redesigned models:Depth has increased by 9mm or 10mm 

-       Counter widths have been reduced by 50mm (except Aztra and Aztra Salad)

NB: The Emerald Counter series cannot be minimised to 750mm depth


Examples of changes in dimension by product series

dimension table


Launch date for new products

For the first viewing of our NEW style Garnet and Opals, why not visit us at Hotelex in Shanghai 2015 (30Mar – 2Apr) (Booth B05 in Hall W1).

The OFFICIAL LAUNCH will be 26 Apr 2015, sales orders will be accepted from that date and new BOH catalogue hard copies will be available for distribution. The new CAD and shop drawings will also be ready for your convenience in advance on 10April.


New BOH Catalogue with detail integral handle features

As well as this important change to Williams equipment, we have prepared a new Williams BOH catalogue with details of the new integral handle and changes to the exterior design. Please click the link below for downloading the New BOH catalogue. 

New BOH Catalogue


Williams trusts this change meets the fast-changing requirements and enhances the customer experience, with our usual high quality standard finish.