Job Reference - Patina, Capitol Singapore

Williams Refrigeration has supplied a number of stylish and trendy Front of House refrigerators to the three Patina restaurants.

Patina, Capitol Singapore – is an ultra-luxury hotel located in the heart of Singapore and is housed in two restored historic buildings in Singapore’s desirable Civic and Cultural District.

The dinning service of the hotel is served by a number of restaurants. There are three restaurants equipped Williams Refrigeration FOH range products; the Ground Floor Bar, Lounge and Dinning as well as the chocolate shop – Chocolate Atelier.

To cope with the wide range of fine foods and beverages served, the restaurants are equipped with Williams professional products including our famous back-of-house (Garnet series), and stylish Front-of-house products (counter cabinets, sushi refrigerator, wine refrigerators, upright cake display, jewellery-box type displays and beverage displays). With those products, the restaurants can display the fresh and delicious food in an attractive way whilst ensuring they remain at optimum condition and ensuring food safety.

Ground Floor Bar

 Ground floor bar


Chocolate Atelier

 chocolate atelier

Chocolate Atelier has been equipped with a number of FOH Jewellery Box Type Cake Display Showcases and Chocolate Display Showcases to display Chocolate and cakes. Williams has taken inspiration from jewellery shops and high-end boutiques and now proudly introduces the jewellery box type cake / chocolate display showcase to the market. These displays allow cakes and chocolates to be presented in a elegantly and stunning fashion. The display cabinets feature a wide range of well-designed standard features:


  • Ultra-clear glass enhances product visibility.
  • Jewellery box style showcase bound in with 304 grade black no.4 finish stainless steel frame (excluded front-top edge).
  • Jewellery box style drawer with invisible handle.
  • 45°C cut edges for the top and front glass provides ultra-clear transparency.
  • Double layer, ultra-clear, toughened, heated film glass fitted for whole showcase.
  • Light box in display base creates a luminous and inviting ambience.
  • All visible bends are V-cut and V-cut bending louvre renders the unit sleek and light.



Lounge and Dinning

wine refrigerators 

The side view of Arc de Triomphe shaped wine refrigerator

wine refrigerators 

Williams refrigerated wine display is essential for today’s fine dining areas. Having a sophisticated and stylish wine display refrigerator adds to the ambiance of the dining area. Williams wine refrigerator can be custom-made for shaping. This type of wine refrigerator is the perfect way to present wine in a gorgeous and stunning way. There are some well-designed standard features for these types of display refrigerator are listed below.

  • Full length glass sides enhance product visibility.
  • Double layer, ultra-clear, toughened, heated film glass on four sides.
  • V-cut bending for all visible bending areas.
  • Standard chrome coated stainless steel wine rack prevents the cork drying out and clearly shows the wine label.
  • Invisible designed door handle
  • LED lighting on each level of the wine rack creates a stylish ambience.


Other reference photos

 other reference photo

Williams is proud to supply a number of our Front of House (FOH) refrigerators to Patina, Capitol Hotel. FOH ranges of refrigerators can be custom-made or from our standard range of refrigerators.  

Williams’ refrigeration equipment used in the restaurant is listed below.

  1. Jewellery Box Cake Display
  2. Front of House Counter Cabinet
  3. Front of House Sushi Refrigerator
  4. Front of House Upright Hinged Door Remote Type Wine Refrigerator
  5. Front of House Upright Cake Display
  6. Back of House House Garnet Series
  7. Bottle Cooler

We are able to provide a solution for virtually any application. Tailored to suit varies of temperatures, materials, colors and orientation, and to fit almost any footprint. So whatever your application, talk to Williams!