Job Reference - Rosewood HK | 2. Event Venues and The Legacy House

Stunning event venues and premium Chinese dining room in Rosewood Hong Kong

Go to the 4th floor of Rosewood Hong Kong, it is mainly the stunning event venues where across 3,200 square metres of space for weddings and social occasions. The venues are full of Williams custom-made front-of-house refrigeration products including counters, upright cabinets, wine towers and frost tops. Similar to the commitment from Rosewood Hong Kong “…offers superlative event space with a warm ambience for couples to celebrate their union in an intimate, luxurious setting”, Williams also committed to help customers meet the demands of complex legislation for food safety and energy efficiency, together with professional advice and innovative design.


On the 5th floor, there is a premium Chinese dining room – The Legacy House, is tied to the meaningful notion of legacy and the idea of generations past and those to come. The design concept also reflected on the corridor to the dining area. Rows of custom-made wine towers and upright beverage display are displaying the impressive wines, liquors and also the premium grade vintage Chinese tea. Next to the door of The Legacy House, there is an open dessert kitchen with a dessert display showcase, the new and traditional desserts also create a distinctive connection between the diners and the chefs. 

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