Job Reference - Prego at Fairmont Singapore

The byword for gastronomic excellence in authentic Italian cuisine

Primely located on the Fairmont Singapore’s ground floor, PREGO, the byword for gastronomic excellence in authentic Italian cuisine. It has 235 seater space for Diners to experience the favored tastes of classic Italy amidst the refreshed charm of interior design, and a luscious ensemble of new signatures bursting with familiar Italian flavours.


Based on the designer’s request, Williams custom-made two display chillers with arched displaying glasses and doors for PREGO, and they finally match with the interior design perfectly. One of them for the wine display and the other one for the salami, ham and cheese display, those are the important ingredients for Italian cuisine and not one less.

Williams equipment in PREGO of Fairmont Singapore:

• FOH Ice Cream Display
• FOH Cake Display
• FOH Frost Top
• FOH Curved Cold Well
• FOH Upright Display
• FOH Meat Display
• FOH Wine Display
• BOH Opal Counter
• BOH Under Broiler Counter
• BOH Beverage Cooler

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