Job Reference - Cordis Hong Kong

Case study about Cordis, Hong Kong (formerly Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong)

In the middle of bustling Mong Kok, Cordis, Hong Kong (formerly Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong) displays its vibrant and contemporary elegant architectural style and also reflects the spirit of the city. Cordis, Hong Kong is a fabulous 5-star luxury hotel but also close to some famous street markets.

The restaurant of Cordis, serves 219 seats all-day in the dining buffet and a la carte venue, 4 services on weekdays and 5 services at weekends. The restaurant kitchen also serves in-room dining for 664 hotel rooms, the 36th Club floor (24 hours open) which have around 200 guests throughout the day and night, and also the 42nd Splash poolside venue.

“To serve around 1300 guests daily in Cordis, we have Williams refrigeration equipment for our normal mise en place.” says Executive Chef Paul Mcloughlin.

The kitchen has installed different Williams Back-Of-House (BOH) equipment including Opal and Emerald counters, Garnet upright cabinets, Carol Wall-mounted units, Roll-in blast chillers and also some BOH custom-made counter equipment.

“As part of our FSMS (Food safety Management System) policy, we have a William’s blast chiller to help ensure proper food hygiene and cooling temperature controls - it is the best!” says Paul.

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“Other than the BOH equipment, we have 2 new stunning looking custom-made sashimi display fridges in our buffet restaurant Japanese section. The display fridges have electrical connectors on their sliding heated glass doors to ensure they close properly and keep the food cool as well as anti-condensation heaters so the glass is always clear for the guests to see our lovely offerings.”

The electrical connector on the sliding doors is low voltage and avoids any opening issue. Williams has applied this feature to all its Front-Of-House (FOH) sliding door. Cordis, Hong Kong has also installed Williams FOH upright display, FOH stairway display, FOH counter and FOH Beverage display in its stylish restaurant.

“We are an environmentally friendly and eco conscious hotel. Anything that helps us to be more efficient in terms of saving energy therefore money, while helping the environment is an interesting prospect for us.”

Williams equipment has excellent thermal efficiency, high density polyurethane insulation with Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP), energy-saving CoolSmart intelligent controller, air ducting to spread cool air effectively and intelligent defrost. These features minimize the equipment’s energy consumption during daily busy operation.

“I have had the pleasure of working in 6 countries and over 15 kitchens during my 20 years plus career, and my personal observation is that Williams refrigerators are the best in terms of reliability, durability, efficiency, design and flexibility in a busy operation such as ours” says Paul.


Equipment Includes

1 Emerald undercounter refrigerator

2 Opal undercounter refrigerators

1 Coral Wall-mounted refrigerator

1 Roll-in blast chiller

5 BOH custom-made undercounter refrigerators

1 FOH beverage display refrigerator

1 FOH stairway display refrigerator

2 FOH Sushi display refrigerator

2 FOH upright refrigerators

2 FOH custom-made 2 doors bottle coolers

4 FOH custom-made undercounter refrigerators

2 FOH custom-made wine display refrigerators

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