Elevate Convenience with New Grab & Go Equipment Lineup

Design specifically for the fast-paced hospitality industry

We are excited to introduce our Grab & Go equipment lineup, designed specifically for the fast-paced hospitality industry. Our range includes a Heated Open Display, Refrigerated Open Display, and a Counter Freezer, all perfectly suited for the rapidly growing Grab & Go sector. These solutions provide convenient access to pre-made and pre-packed meals and snacks, making it easier than ever to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.




Our Grab & Go equipment features clip-on baskets at the front for easy browsing, an easy-roll night blind on the refrigerated open display, and independent digital controllers for precise temperature control in the heated open display. Additionally, bright warm white (2700K) LED lighting ensures your offerings look their best, attracting customers with their irresistible appeal. Explore our Grab & Go equipment today and elevate the Grab & Go experience for your shop, ensuring optimal functionality and customer satisfaction

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