New GN 1/1 Heated and Refrigerated Mobile Banqueting Trolley

new trolley with slim design and compact height

We're thrilled to introduce our new GN 1/1 Heated and Refrigerated Mobile Banqueting Trolley, expertly designed to transport food safely from the kitchen to the serving or banqueting area. This trolley features an all-round non-marking bumper for superior protection during transit, ensuring your dishes arrive in pristine condition. Built-in handles on all four sides make manoeuvring this trolley effortless, even in tight spaces.

The trolley's slim design and compact height of just 1500mm enhance its mobility between banqueting areas and the kitchen, streamlining operations and offering flexible arrangements. With utmost care for both the food and your team, this new launch is set to revolutionize the way you handle catering, providing ease of use, reliability, and exceptional performance.

Product detail

MHC12SS (GN1/1)
MRC8SS (GN1/1)


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