Crafting Excellence: Williams' Journey in Meat Ageing Equipment

our solutions ensure optimal yield, texture, and flavor

Williams Refrigeration stands at the forefront of meat ageing equipment, leveraging over a decade of unparalleled expertise in the industry. Our steadfast commitment to quality has earned us partnerships with esteemed butchers, Michelin-star chefs, and casual dining operators dedicated to offering patrons premium dry aged beef.

Guided by the unique insights of our collaborators, our experienced engineering team has meticulously crafted a suite of specialist equipment. Designed to store meat during the ageing process, our solutions ensure optimal yield, texture, and flavor, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

Introducing our latest offerings: Back-of-House and Front-of-House meat ageing products. Crafted with precision, these innovative solutions boast a range of features, including Foodsafe 316 grade stainless steel interiors, Himalayan salt blocks for moisture management and flavor enhancement, and carbon filters to eliminate odors. With operating temperatures of +1/+4°C and a relative humidity range of 60-85%, our equipment guarantees the perfect environment for impeccable meat ageing.

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